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Windows sticklers have new features to look forward to, now the maps app on Windows 10 can show you traffic on your routes(either home or work locations). Just hit the traffic icon from the app’s menu, according to the Windows 10 blog, and you’re there. What’s more, the app will follow your preferences for a night or day mode within the app and apparently change themes wholesale. Here is what it looks like:


Sure, Google Maps has had most of these features for a bit, but it’s good to see that the Windows have given its fans a new features to play with and not feel deprived.

The operating system also offers native support for USB Audio 2.0 too. It isn’t quite finished yet, though. “This is an early version of the driver that does not have all features enabled,” according to Microsoft. For example, you can’t record with it yet, only playback is available. There are a handful of other (minor) system-wide updates too, so hit the source link for more info on those.


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