Imagine a sunglass that lets you record stuffs you see. It is absolutely amazing right? Imagine no more, because it is real as Snapchat has moved its image messaging and multimedia mobile application a step further by inventing a wearable gadget called Spectacles. It is a pair of sunglasses but with an in-built camera for shooting video. Spectacles will show off next week at New York.

Evan Spiegel, the chief executive officer and co-founder of Snapchat, has been testing a prototype of the device since 2015, at least Spiegel was wearing a prototype in paparazzi photos earlier this year.

Spectacles will come in one size and three colors—black, teal or coral. The wearer can tap a button on the hinge to record video of up to 10 seconds using the wide-angle lens on the glasses, which is transmitted wirelessly to a smartphone.

This is not the first time a company is coming up with a sunglasses with an in-built camera.  There is Google Glass from Alphabet Inc which Spectacles  has similar features with. However, Spectacles looks more like a sun glasses and  can capture a first-person perspective on some of life’s big moments.

Oh! And before I forget, snapchat is changing its name to Snap Inc. in order to give room for its larger visions and expansions such as this one.

Finally, it shall be sold for $130, not too expensive. right?

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