Would you  like to have a bedroom like this?

Today FMB takes a look at immaculate bedrooms of celebrities all over the world and  handpicked 12 special bedrooms for your viewing pleasure and sheer entertainment. Dream all you can, admire it and desire it. If you have the means to import a bedroom like this into your home, this will also serve as inspiration to you.

  1. E-money’s room went viral on the internet when he posted it on instagram. It is a room made up of gold and cream, it looks alluring and almost everyone may want a bedroom like that. That is, if you are into flashy rooms.

E- Money

2.  Linda Ikeji’s bedroom is next, we all know the celebrity blogger built herself a fancy house last year, with  3 living rooms, 6 bedrooms all ensuite, a swimming pool, a laundry room, a cinema room, a kitchen, a three room boys quarter and more.  Here is what her bedroom looks like, she gave us a sneak peak when she shared these photos on instagram. While you might think that there is nothing special about this room, just remember she is Linda Ikeji, the celebrity blogger with the lovely mansion.


3. Have you seen Kim Kardashian West’s bedroom as at 2011, it is absolutely lovely. It was a champagne colored Old Hollywood Glam bedroom and if you are into antiques, then you would really love the room which has got antique mirrors.


4. Khloe Kardashian’s bedroom is another cool room to put on your wish list. Its all grey and cool. I particularly love the window view. The rays of the sun and waves of fresh air is one thing that would keep the room permanently cool. Lovely rug by the way.


5. Omoniyi Makun popular designer known as Yomi Casual displayed his bedroom in his 4-bedroom duplex at Lekki Phase 1, it is deliciously tantalizing. It is truly a place to lay your head after a busy day.


6. Looks like the Makuns’ have a thing for black and white, here is Ay’s bedroom. Although it does not look similar to Yomi Casual’s room in style, but the colours are almost identical. both have white and black. It looks simple and yet lovely. Another style to consider if you… want to…


7. Kim Kardashian’s room in recent times as Kim Kardashian West. Not bad! And real classy.


8. C.C Sabathia’s home is second best for me, love the design. Absolutely fantastic, it is a beauty for the eyes to behold.



9. If you are wondering what it looks like to own a home and have your master bedroom furnished in Mexico or in the Mexican style, wonder no more. Take a peep at George Clooney’s room in Los Cabos.



10. Sir Elton John  and David Furnish Beverly Hills room in Carlifonia, it is tastefully furnished and the  touch of bright colours makes it all the more alluring.



11. French beauty guru Frédéric Fekkai and his wife, Shirin von Wulffen’s room with iron canopy bed with a touch of French and Portuguese designs. I call it hybrid designs. A French-linen drapery and a vintage Portuguese embroidered coverlet. It is breath-taking.



12. Khloe Kardashian, we can’t seem to get enough of her bedrooms, this one is located in California. Aww!


For me, I would choose the filmmaker  Michael Bey’s (featured image) room anytime, any day minus the Thai Buddha head. The window view is really fab and it is very spacious.  It just gives one time to think and stroll around the room without necessarily leaving the room.

If you ever choose to adopt one of these designs for your broom, just have it in mind, that you are sharing an identical room with a celebrity and that should make you feel real cool.  #justsaying.


Image credit: Instagram/Architectural digest/Design indulgences




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