You must have heard by now the tales of the exploding Samsung Galaxy Note 7  in the US and if you are a phone freak, a lover of Samsung who can never resist acquiring the latest version of Samsung Galaxy then you must have acquired the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. The problem is you are living in Nigeria and you acquired same in Nigeria. So you are panicked upon the news of the faulty battery and that any moment from now your Samsung Galaxy Note 7 might explode, fear note. Here is what to do.

1. Quickly return the product and by product I mean the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 for replacement. According to the  Phone and Allied Products Dealers Association of Nigeria (PAPDAN) Lagos chapter,  Samsung company had called for the return of the product due to technical fault.

2. Visit the nearest Samsung Authorised Service Centre for immediate assistance on the replacement programme for the Samsung Galaxy Note 7

3. Do not charge the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 to avoid it exploding during the process of charging it.

4. If you are a dealer of phones, kindly return the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 for replacement. Stop selling it at once and return it for replacement.

5. Infact, just switch off the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and return it at the place of purchase to arrange for a refund,  let the dealers assist you.

Note:  Every Samsung Galaxy Note 7 sold before 15 September has the faulty battery issue and should be returned for replacement, this is in particular directed to the dealers.

While no explosion of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has been recorded in Nigeria, it is always wise not to throw caution to the wind. Just do the above to remain safe.



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