Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie

When Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie announced their relationship in 2004, reactions trailed same, most people were sad to see America’s sweetest couple -Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston separate and eventually divorce. It was the saddest thing that happened in the relationship kingdom. Now another time has come and Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt kiss each other farewell as their 12 years union comes to an end.

But one thing remains constant, the media, people and internet users in particular are unforgiving, most feel Angelina Jolie destroyed the marriage of Jennifer Aniston and they see this as  Karma, bitter sweet revenge and whatever horrific adjective you can conjure to describe the divorce. According to reports from US weekly, while Jennifer Aniston does not harbour any ill towards her ex- husband Brad Pitt, “she has always felt that something would happen with them eventually.” She also said “Yeah! That’s Karma for you.”

One striking reaction to this failed marriage of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie is the reactions of internet users, here are some reactions from TMZ readers:

Avid Kayaker2 hours ago

so … it was revealed that a Private Eye was hired by angelina & it was discovered that brad was getting too close with the much prettier French actress marion cotillard. how ironic that jolie broke up jennifer aniston’s marriage to pitt & now a similar thing is happening to HER. couldn’t have happened to a nicer person. ha !

Jondeb2 hours ago

She is an evil witch and it is all her fault.

Gerome Wright3 hours ago

Oh Please! They have a tribe of children and she JUST came to the conclusion that he’s a bad dad? I call BS all over this leaked, public relations stunt. I believe he’s cheating ON her, like he cheated WITH her.

HeLivesGerome Wright3 hours ago

Could be, but we don’t have anything saying otherwise, right now.
He’s had a pot issue for a very, long time, however. Even pre Jen.

bevyHeLives2 hours ago

pot issue? lol

Carmelle Simone3 hours ago

People change after they get married and have kids. People stop doing what they did to become a couple. Life takes it’s toll. Women get old, men get old and bored and want something new. I dont know why everyone is shocked. Marriage and kids are over-rated in this day and age. This is what happens when you don’t use Carmelle’s Treasures.

Trev3 hours ago

they should have not gotten married in the first place, they were fine living together for 10 years.

Marcus Collack3 hours ago

So she basically told him, I’m going to take the 6 children, don’t need your money, and I’ll be out. What did he do. To roll out with all 6 children, and do it by yourself, he had to do something pretty bad.

Avid KayakerMarcus Collack2 hours ago

the story about pitt not raising the children the way she wants him to is a ruse. it has since been revealed that a Private Eye was hired by angelina & it was discovered that brad was getting too close with the much prettier French actress marion cotillard.

Alias Darker3 hours ago

I read a comment when someone assumed she asked for divorce because he supports Donald Trump

SherryAlias Darker3 hours ago

Brad is a huge environmentalist liberal.

Sherry3 hours ago

This is the first I’ve heard of Brad having problems with drugs. I’ve heard numerous stories about Angelina & drugs. Hopefully that’s in her past though. She must have been really mad about something to ask for full custody. She won’t get it.

FELICIA R.3 hours ago

Maybe he’s smoking a lot of pot and drinking but I bet he’s been getting on little Shiloh’s rear, possible smacking her around because she’s a girl that still wants to be a boy. Brad must be extremely pissed off at her, (a possible future transsexual) for being that way and for Angelina supporting it and allowing her to do and be what she wants. Maybe when he’s alone with Shiloh he may force her to wear girls clothes instead of all those boys clothes she prefers.

Even Donald Trump entered the comment, people’s imaginations are really running wild. mehnn


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