bloody pedophile

Traditionally, Teachers have a duty to teach students morals, in-depth knowledge, good manners and behaviours but as they say in every general rule there is an exception and bad teachers are not strange or new but only appalling. The story of the  potty-mouthed high school teacher from Ontario, Canada is one that makes a jaw dropped upon being told. The Teacher  was suspended after she allegedly made a number of filthy comments to her students, including calling one   “a bloody pedophile.” and instructing a student to   “lick me where I fart.”

Jennifer Elizabeth Green-Johnson, who teaches grades 10 through 12 at Dunnville Secondary School, was docked for a month without pay and is scheduled for a disciplinary hearing on September 23 according to reports from Us. Green-Johnson will have a lot of explaining to do. According to the Discipline Committee of the Ontario College of Teachers, the educator is also being investigated for:

telling a student who brought coffee to class, “Get that f–king thing out of here”

•telling a pupil, “I have never said this to a student before but f–k you”

•telling her class, “It’s debate, not masturbate”

•quipping, “You mean a bribe? I’d be able to s–t for a week ’cause of all that fiber,” after the student offered to buy her muffins in exchange for a passing grade

•declaring in class that one female student looks like a frumpy old lady today.

If these allegations are found to be true, then I wonder what sort of Teachers the society is breeding and what sort of values will be instilled in children.

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