Most men wonder why a woman would come up with a multitude of reasons why they can’t have another date with them. The secret is simple, the first date was terrible and they wouldn’t want to be put through that torture again. So, if you really like the woman you are about taking out on a date, here is how to have a perfect date.

1. First Impressions Are Super Important:

Women expect you to look your best when taking her out. Being well groomed, smelling nice, clean and donning clean clothes will give a great first impression from the start.

2. Choose The Perfect Location:

You need to pick a place where you will both be comfortable on your first date. Pick a place that is familiar and comfortable for both of you, this will make the date much more pleasant. Preferably choose a place that is relatively low-keyed, don’t pick a popular, loud nightclub.

3. Show Self Confidence:

Confidence is a very appealing aspect to women but steer clear of being arrogant! Displaying your achievements at every point of the conversation is not attractive and shows your insecurity. Pick on an interesting but neutral topic that you enjoy talking about.

4. Don’t Monopolise The Conversation:

Sometimes it just happens that you keep talking because you are nervous. If this starts to happen, check it and take a deep breath. You don’t have to cover your entire life in a first date, let her get a word in edge-wise. Get to know her too. Ask some questions if she is not saying much and don’t interrupt her when you finally get her to talk.

5. Do Not Bring Up Your Ex/Past:

The subject of an “Ex or past relationships” should never be brought up on a first date. It just shows that you are not over your ex or exs and puts you in a very bad light. You will also place your date in a very uncomfortable situation and your evening will probably not go on very well. Should your date bring up the subject, offer a short answer and let her know that your past is exactly that – the past. Swing the conversation back to getting to know her.

6. Your Phone Should Be On Silent!

There is nothing more irritating then listening to someone’s phone going off every 5 minutes. Phones are very distracting and could easily leave your date believing your calls are more important than this date. Turning your phone on silent will show her you want to focus entirely on her and that will be a very positive sign. While at the same time you don’t get to miss an important call or something.

7. Pay The Bill:

Let your date know that you want to treat her, it’ll make you look like a true gentleman. If she insists on paying, offer to let her pay on the next date but this one is on you!

8. Follow-up After The Date:

You should contact her within a few hours or a day after the initial date. If you don’t, she’s probably going to believe you are not interested. Let her know in a short period of time that you had a great time. If the date did not go well, don’t tell her you will call her! Simply let her know you had a nice evening and leave it at that.

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