While we all wait for the Duchess a.k.a Kate Middleton to embark on her trip to Canada on 24 September, lets all take a look at the inside life of Kate Middleton as a mother.

She has revealed that Prince George, oh yes, her son is a messy chef. And if you are wondering where she said this, it all happened during her visit to Luton on 24 August at the facility for national youth charity Youthscape  where she met a group of teens baking according to reports from People.

Oh! She also spoke to a mother Suzanne Dow she told her  according to Dow ‘George likes his Spaghetti as well, he loves to get messy.’


Little cute  Prince George looked primed and ready to hit the books as he arrived at Westacre Montessori located near his home in Norfolk. He has always been cute not that we are complaining but he really looks charming.

Well at least we know one habit of the sophisticated and charming Prince George at 3 and can file it in our memories  though he is always neat and sharp, he makes so much mess in the kitchen.

Of course, we all know that Prince William and the Duchess expressed their desires for their children Prince George and Princess Charlotte to live a normal life. So this little bit of the life of Prince George revealed to us by Kate Middleton is very delightful.

Before we let you go, here are fabrics that makes you look like a real princess:

  •  Lace
  • Wrap dresses
  •  Sailor necklines.

These  all cultivates an air of elegance.

See you tomorrow for more tips … cheers!

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