Have you ever heard of ladies discussing a certain guy one of them is dating. While her friends does not see anything bad in the guy, she is constantly complaining about how he has not been a good boyfriend. It means the guy is great and she personally does not have anything against him but he is not just boyfriend material.

The next logical thing she does is to mentally prepare the break-up speech while she keeps comparing him to another perfect guy in her head. She secretly wishes her boyfriend can be a lot more like the other guy. Guys, if you have ever had this experience here are tips to make your girlfriend stay glued to the relationship and never deliver the break-up speech.

1.  Take Her Complaints Seriously: No matter how subtle her complaint is, take it seriously. never reduce it to a joke.

2 Compliment Her: When your girlfriend makes dinner, cleans your place, buy you stuffs and do your laundry it is only normal for you to thank her and appreciate her.

Something as simple as giving her a passionate kiss followed by a, “Thank you. I really appreciate this,” is all it takes.

3 Thrill Her:  You do not need so much money to thrill your girlfriend Little stuffs also makes her happy. Just show that you are always thinking about her.  

4 Show Her That You Are Also Interested In her Stuffs:  Relationships require sacrifice sometimes. You both may not always want to do the same things. However, show her that you are also interested in her stuff and teach her some of the stuffs you do. Who knows she may grow more passion than you when it comes to your stuffs like watching a game of football.

5. Don’t Be Possessive:  Girlfriends dislike it when their boyfriends are possessive. They dislike guys who are quick to draw conclusions without even asking her questions. She will think you don’t trust her.

6. Aim to please her in the bedroom… every time: Those that say sex isn’t important in a relationship are kidding themselves. The truth is girls have a harder time fulfilling their needs in the bedroom and a little more effort from you does great things for your relationship.

7. Keep yourself tidy: Keep yourself tidy and smelling great. Girls don’t really want to cuddle up to a boyfriend that smells bad and hasn’t shaved in months. Keep good hygiene if you want to be a better boyfriend to your lover.

8. Take charge and make plans sometimes:You can’t always work together to make the plans for date night. Sometimes you have to take charge and make the plans for her.

9.  Express your feelings to her :This one is going to be a little harder, but it’s actually a huge way you to be a better boyfriend. Girls are great at communicating with emotions, and guys, well, not so much.


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