A very , very long time ago (June 15) the internet was given a gift. A wonderful, blonde, publicity-driven gift according to refinery29. 

That gift was the unofficial union of cat-lover and international superstar, Taylor Swift, to fellow cat-lover and not-nearly-as-famous actor, Tom Hiddleston. Their spur-of-the-moment relationship took their fans, their exes, and everyone in between by surprise. It seemed too good to be true, and quickly transformed into a (suspiciously) perfect summer romance. There were Italy trips, meet-and-greets with the parents, and countless pictures of them kissing. 

Unlike most celebrities, who are usually striving to keep their PDA away from the prying eyes of the paparazzi, the two seemed to perk up when the cameras were around. They even sat near windows at restaurants, giving photographers a better view. And let’s not forget the time they spent on the day of our nation’s birthday romping around Rhode Island with an exclusive crew of famous friends, all eager and wiling to document, and legitimize, their relationship. 

This joint venture propelled them into the headlines of every low-brow and high-brow publication. Suddenly, the public imagined Hiddleston as the next James Bond. We stalked Swift’s social media pages for clues about her love affair. Hiddleswift had us under theirawkward thumb

Then, all of a sudden, they hit a road bump, and their full-steam-ahead romance screeched to a damning halt, where it remained idle. 

They officially called it quits on September 6. Refinery 29 eulogized it here. After months of speculation, their lovey-dovey facade has crumbled and all that’s left is the anonymous claim that Hiddlestonwanted to take the relationship (even more) public, while Swift thought it would be just too much publicity. 

So now the question remains: Who, if anyone, won in this summer fling gone sour?

Was it Hiddleston? A man whose name recognition has gone from “Who?” to “Taylor Swift’s boyfriend?” to “Oh, he’s in that new movie!”, all in less than three months. That’s some pretty decent free publicity. He has two big 2017 blockbusters in the works — Thor 3: Ragnarok and Kong: Skull Island. He also has amped up his social media game, going from 2.8 million Twitter followers to 3.8 million. He created an Instagram account, and within weeks reached 1.1 million followers. (He’s only posted five pictures.) Pair those millions of new followers with his new movie roles and new name recognition, and it could seem like Hiddleston turned out to be on top. But you’d be wrong.

You see, Swift is not a sore loser. Simply because she never really seems to lose. Despite that whole “Famous” situation, her already massive fan group has only grown larger. Since July, her Twitter followers have gone from 79 million to more than 80 million and her Instagram followers have continued to increase, nearing the triple digits. In March, 69.2 million people were following her. Now, in September, that number has grown to 90.6 million. Not to mention, Swift walks away from this with splendid material for a new album, which can address everything from the Kanye West drama, to the madhouse that is the celebrity rumor mill. 

In the end, who really wins in this type of situation? The answer is: They both do.
Many felt their relationship was all staged. While others are broken-hearted that their two vanilla favorites couldn’t find a way to stay together. There’s no clear winner in this uncoupling that has been deemed “amicable” because they amicably used each other. 

Their relationship was one of the most boring celebrity match-ups of all time, so why shouldn’t their breakup be, too? In the end,  the internet feel the most used of them all. 

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