I told you, we shall let you know more fun facts about  Mark Zuckerberg’s visit and true to our words, here is more. There is no doubt that the Zuckerberg bug is still circulating in Nigeria. He left Nigeria just the same way he arrived Nigeria, without any buzz or noise. Quietly he left to Kenya and all would have been at peace had he not returned to Nigeria last week.

Facebook-CEO-Mark-Zuckerberg-returns-to Nigeria

First, there were speculations that Mark Zuckerberg shunned earlier meetings with the Nigerian government in favour of meeting with Kenyan government officials in Nairobi.

Anyways, he returned to Nigeria and while Mark Zuckerberg presented President Buhari with a prototype of the facebook drone, the highlight of it all was the selfie Zuckerberg took with President Buhari and others.


There were pictures of a man supporting Zuckerberg phone, because he really did not want the phone falling.

How about the Aww! Uh! Ehn and ugh on Mark Zuckerberg’s appearance in Aso Villa.  Most people couldn’t refrain themselves from commenting that Zuckerberg wore a suit!

Also articles have been piling up in stacks on the visit of Mark Zuckerberg. Oh! And there’s one written by the Ekiti State Governor-Fayose. The Governor is really made at Nigerians for criticising him for wearing T-shirts. He said:

“Whatever I do, they will condemn. When I wore T-shirt to the House of Assembly, they said I didn’t dress properly. But when the Facebook founder came to Nigeria, wearing T-shirt and jeans, they hailed him. They said he was humble. Hypocrites, that’s what they are.


The veteran actress Omotola Jalade also lamented being shunned by Zuckerberg.

And before I let you go, there is this joke circulating around that mark Zuckerberg has been given an Igbo name. “Mark Nuskabag


We think it will take a long time before the Zuckerberg drama in Nigeria will run its course!

What do you think?



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