Currently, no one seems to know for sure whether Daniel Craig is finished with the role of 007 or if he could be convinced to come back for more. He hasn’t seemed super enthusiastic about continuing on after Spectre, but maybe throwing money at the 48-year old actor will convince him.

According to a report on RadarOnline, that’s exactly what might be going onbehind the scenes right now. The website claims that “Sony is offering James Bondstar Daniel Craig a whopping $150 million” for two more films, which would be his fifth and sixth as the British super spy.

The article quotes an anonymous source that claims the studio currently in charge of the franchise envisions shooting two more Craig movies back to back, which would then lead to a third film where he effectively hands the role off to someone else. Bond doesn’t usually transition that way — indeed, some of the previous actor changes have been sudden and jarring — but the plan does make some sense.

According to reports from Fansided, it would also further the frenzy of speculation over who the next James Bond would be. Considering rumors of Elba, Tom Hiddleston and others won’t die down, it could be very interesting to see how casting would shake out on a timetable that would mean the new leading man wouldn’t start for several more years.

These are all rumours, but like they say, in every rumour there is an element of truth. Let’s see who will play the role of James Bond in the 25th James Bond movie.


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