Yeah! we are back. Ever wondered why Kate Middleton’s hair always looks fresh, shinny and healthy. Wonder no more, because she’s got a hairstylist but not all hairstylists are fit for the royal but this particular hairstylist who goes by the name Daniel Galvin Jr is fit and proper to touch the hair of the Duchess a.k.a Kate Middleton.

Galvin’s father  Daniel Galvin was Princess Daina’s hairstylist. Surely, the name is not the only thing the father and son share in common as they also share the same set of skills and passion for the same type of trade. Kate Middleton’s hair shine, beauty and healthy look is attributable to the special skill set of Galvin Jr who  said:

 “Kate’s got a wonderful head of hair. It really is her crowing glory and it’s because she looks after it. It’s important because she’s always on duty.”

Galvin Jr’s top tips and tricks to have a royal hair like Kate Middleton is gold and we are happy to share  some of them here.

1. Detox Your Hair: Before a big event detox your hair, but this does not necessarily apply to women who a use hair extensions and wigs or weaves. But if you are wearing your natural hair, here is how to go about it.  Use a purifying shampoo(it usually takes longer to wash out) and at-home remedy made with the likes of vitamin C powder, apple cider vinegar, or baking soda. This will enable your hair shine just like Kate Middleton’s hair. According to Galvin Jr “A detox treatment will give your hair spring again because it makes it more translucent and shiny.”

2. Brush your hair upside down.  Flip your hair upside down and comb your hair from the ends up to the root. To address tangles, always keep a wide-tooth comb in your shower. “For ladies, hair often goes thinnest at the front because it’s finer at the hairline and that’s the first place you put your hairbrush,” says Galvin Jr.

3.Pay attention to your scalp’s pH. Simply put: A healthy scalp = healthy hair. When you use a detergent-heavy shampoo, it strips your scalp’s natural oils, which are essential for healthy hair. Always look for a cleanser that has a neutral pH balance of 5.5.

4.Bring the heat to your hair treatments. It really pushes the proteins deep into the hair shaft, which moisturizes and smooths the cuticle for softer and stronger hair.

“Get a damp hand towel and warm it up in the microwave, then put it in a plastic bag and tie it up,” he instructs. “Massage the mask into your hair, then take the hot towel out and wrap it around your head to maximize the treatment.”

Now that you all know how to achieve a healthy and shiny hair like Kate Middleton, here are 2 easy ways to make your hair look pretty:

  1. Create Pretty Undone Waves by flat ironing your braids. Braid your hair or your weaves or extension and press  a hot straightener over the braids a couple of times.  Then undo your braids once it cools off. And viola, you have a lovely  wavy hair.
  2. Use your silk scarf to blend your scattered and unruly hair without the rest of your weavon. This is usually useful when you leave out your natural hair during a weavon fix. Usually centre parting or side parting weavon fix. So, wrap the silk scarf around your head and do your make up. Afterwards, loose the scarf and viola, your hair is all smoothened out. The heat from your head will be trapped and will cause your hair to lay flat.

And its wrap from us today, see you next week for more exciting tales about the royals.



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