Last week while Catherine, Duchess Of Cambridge a.k.a Kate Middleton was visiting Cornwall and the Isle of Scilly on a two-day busy schedule, her fellow royal Princess, Mary of Denmark who just recently came back from the Olympics in Rio was in Greenland. She made public visits and also gave a speech about domestic violence.

Anyways, here’s what we are interested in, remember last year there was a fashion style contest amongst the royals conducted by HELLO magazine where 30,000 readers partook in a poll to decide the most fashionable royal in modern times.

The Crown Princess Mary of Denmark topped the poll and in second place came Queen Maxima of Netherlands while Duchess Catherine of Cambridge took third place.

But this is a year later and we are wondering if that same poll is conducted will the results be the same or will Kate Middleton take the lead this time.

Kate Middleton seems to have a lot going for her in the fashion industry, her recent appearance in Cornwall and the Isle Of Scilly is still causing a lot of sensation and stir in the fashion world when she wore a £25 gap patterned pant and a repetition of her wedges. Princess Mary of Denmark wore a navy blue top and a matching knee cut skirt with a cream coloured  broach, earings and colourful heels.

Princess Mary Of Denmark

But that’s not all, remember Kate Middleton and Princess Mary saw each other  in June, both wore dresses. Kate wore a white lace dress and Princess Mary wore an orange dress.  You would agree with me that both women looked lovely. But who exactly has the most astounding style amongst the two?

Please take pick.

See you tomorrow.


Image credit: Wenn.Com/Rex/Shutterstock


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