Its another week and everyone is talking about Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge a.k.a Kate Middleton’s fashion trends on her two day visit to Cornwall and Isles of Scilly. One fabulous thing that has made Kate Middleton popular is her ability to mix expensive designer wears with simple and not so expensive wears.

At first in Cornwall, she wore a pale pink fit-and-flare Lela Rose dress with Monsoon espadrille wedges, sliver watch and a tan clutch. But the  most amazing thing during her visit to Cornwall was not her stylish out fit but her amazing smile.  She looked stressed at some point yet her smile was bright and can be pegged the “Royal Smile.”

Next day Kate Middleton wore a navy blue blazer, white top and a patterned pants  from the Gap. She looked gorgeous and Prince Williams wore a matching pair of  blue blazers. 

But the highlight of the day was not in the matching colours worn by the royals, nor in the numerous visits, nor the pint of cider drank from 150years old  Healey’s Cider Farm but it lay in the repetition of the same shoe by Kate. “The Monsoon Espadrille Wedges.” I guess that singular act endeared many people to her. If a royal can repeat a shoe then who are we not to? Kate’s fashion trends continue to thrill, amaze and inspire us all.

But before I leave you here is one tip on presenting yourself like a princess:

Apply Natural Make-Up to give you a simple look like a princess.

Let’s make it a date tomorrow.


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