The General Overseer of Tongue of Fire Ministry, Shogunle, Lagos, Chukwuma Nkwocha, 38, who was arrested by the police for camping over 30 teenagers in his house and using them as sex slaves, has said that he only slept with one of them.

Vanguard reports that one of the girls had reported to the police after she and the pastor had a misunderstanding.

Nkwocha, an Imo state indigene, was alleged to have been sleeping with the girls who are all members of his church, with a promise to feed them and pay for their Junior and Senior Secondary School Certificate examinations.

It was also discovered that the parents of some of the girls had accommodation problems and were temporarily living in the church.

The state Commissioner of Police, Fatai Owoseni disclosed that during a raid of the Pastor’s three bedroom flat, 30 girls were rescued, as six of them confessed that the pastor had slept with them without protection.

“The girls were taken to the Lagos State University Hospital. Some of them  were pregnant and aborted the pregnancies. The command will ensure that the Pastor and whoever must have conspired with him face the full wrath of the law,” Owoseni said.

One of them who claims to be a student of the Ondo state polytechnic, said any attempt to refuse Nkwocha’s advances could lead to her dropping out of school, a dream she said she had longed to actualise.

One of the rescued teenagers, Millicent, 13, said:

I am a member of the church and my parents attend the church as well.  They (parents) took me to the Pastor’s house  to spend the holiday with him and his wife. But the wife is in the university. My parents believe he would see vision that would help me to be great in life. I met other girls in his house. We were 13  girls in the flat.

I know he was having sex with some of the girls but I don’t know if they got pregnant or whether he aborted any pregnancy. He did not have sex with me but he usually fondled with my breasts.  Whenever he romanced with me, he never said anything, he would just be touching me all over and I would not make any noise. I will then pray to God for forgiveness.

I felt so bad that he was doing those things to me but I couldn’t dare to report a man of God.

“I was taken to his house for prayer.  But at night, he would  come and make love to me. Thereafter, he would take other girls in turns. We all knew what was going on but could not talk because he was assisting us financially,” said another rescued girl, Chinecherem, 13.

However, Nkwocha, said among all the girls, he had only slept with one of them whom he identified simply as Kingdom, a 16-year-old girl he claimed he intended to marry.

He also said her parents were not aware that he was having sex with their teenage daughter.

Nkwocha, who pastors a congregation of over 200 worshipers said:

These are mere fabrications. I have only slept with one of them. Her name is Kingdom, whose mother brought to be staying with me so that I can train her in school. But she begged me into accepting one of the girls who has accommodation problem. Kingdom has never been pregnant and I have not carried out  any abortion on her.

The only person that had an abortion was the girl that came to report me to the Police. But I was not responsible for the pregnancy, one of my pastors was responsible. In fact, It was when I took my mother’s corpse to the village for burial, that my phone rang and she (Onosaoluwa)  told me that she was in the hospital to procure  an abortion.

She said that Pastor Steven took her to the hospital On arrival, I invited both of them and threatened  that I was going to report them to the Church’s committee this Sunday.

As they were leaving, they connived to do this to me. This whole arrest was because I  threatened  to blow open the deed of Pastor Steven with the girl in question.

I am not happy with the development.  If God can give me a second chance, I will make amends.  I know that God is a merciful God. Is there anyone among us  here who  will say that  he has not done anything  that has  offended God? Such person is a liar because the Bible says no man can say he has  not sinned?” he said.

Photo Credit: Vanguard

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