Business cards are small cards printed with one’s name occupation, phone number, email and business address. Most times we have fanciful ones printed for employees with bogus job titles.  At times some organisations or businesses go for the basic designs or designs reflecting the type of business we are into.

Business cards are used to network and get contacts of businesses that we may or never patronize in the future. Most business and people feel business cards are a necessity but I feel otherwise  and think you too should because if only you knew what is being done with your business cards, you wont have the urge to easily and quickly hand it over to people.

For starters, someone might toss it in the bin or on the road and your contact becomes easy prey for fraudsters and the likes who already knows what type of business you are into or company you work for by a mere glance at your business card.

Secondly, in this internet age, your profile can easily be looked up on the internet, hence dispensing with the need for a business card. For instance, LinkedIn provides you with the opportunity to put your place of work etc Moreso, you can easily be contacted via LinkedIn or email.

Thirdly, a business card is what some people use in judging you, they are not necessarily interested in your company, they just want to exchange cards with you because they want to see the location of your company or they want to show you that they work in a better company or have a better business.

Fourthly, most people have a special bag or wallet for business cards, they just dump it there and only 2%  contact the businesses or people on the card for prospective business, product or services. And in cases where a friendship was struck with the holder of the cards, phone numbers are exchanged in addition to giving the business cards but more than not they rather exchange phone numbers than give business cards.

Fifthly, more often than not, when people who gave you their business cards eventually contact you in the future, you might not remember them.

Now, you know what people do with business cards, so next time you feel like distributing your business cards do it with care.



By floramichaels

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