Anger is like a wild fire and it spreads through our being making us act in strange ways or unpredicted ways and that’s why it is always good to avoid it. It can also become addictive and before long you are known as that touchy person who gets angry at every comment or action of others even when it is unwarranted. If you are already touchy and very short tempered all hope is not lost. So, here are some few tricks on how to avoid being angry.

  1. Always Under React :Never over react to a situation in your life or to a comment or an action taken or directed towards you. Ponder on it before you act.
  2. Think : Always think before you handle any situation or before you get involved in anything.  Think properly to ensure you are not making a mistake, think to ensure you won’t go overboard.
  3. Delay Your Action: Delay whatever action you intend to take when you are getting upset. It is often  said that “a stitch in time saves nine.”
  4. Shrug It Off: Shrug off the incessant actions of others, never let it get to you. When you are indifferent about most things then nothing would bother you and people who are not bothered do not get angry at all.
  5. Look At The Bigger Picture: When you take time off  to look at the bigger picture, then you will know when a situation is not worth being angry over.
  6. Control Your emotions: Develop a method to control your emotions. Once you master the ability to control your emotions then you won’t get angry.

Besides, being angry makes us ugly and gives us more health issues.


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