Alicia Keys made a unique and amazing decision to go make-up free. She saw it as a journey of self discovery while the fashion industry saw it as an abomination, a major sin!  Thus, her decision to go make-up free has been met with a lot of reactions and now it has gone from bad to worse for those in the entertainment industry.  But Alicia Keys is undeterred by these reactions as she’s inspired other TV Anchors to remove their make-ups, and this has stirred a lot of heat.

On Friday morning during her appearance on Today, she inspired and gave confidence to Tamron Hall, Billy Bush and Al Roker to remove their make-up on national TV.

Alicia Keys inspires other TV anchors to remove make-up on national TV
Alicia Keys inspires other TV anchors to remove make-up on national TV

Perharps,  just the way #naturalhairgang spread like wild fire across all sectors and especially in the entertainment industry, #nomakupgang might spread from Alicia Keys’ gospel and that’s one more reason for the make-up companies to be upset.

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