First, Mark Zuckerberg did not proclaim his visit to Nigeria, he just came to the amazement of everyone and to the amusement of Celebrities.

Instantly most Nigerian tech companies sent lovely welcome messages.

I love Mark Zuckerberg. His simplicity makes my heart melt. He is by every definition a celebrity. But a silent one, one who takes action and makes his impact felt without necessarily being present.

Mark Zuckerberg has kept the world connected and entertained for the past 12years.

And if you are still wondering why he picked Nigeria as a country to visit even in this harsh economic recession. Wonder no more….

Nigeria has the largest number of face book users in Africa.  18 million to be precise according to reports from Vanguard.

Ok, Mark Zuckerberg arrived in Nigeria on Tuesday and has been utilizing his time. Nigeria as a nation of consumers, innovators, tech gurus and also a nation with a massive population (*wink*) is a country that a lot of opportunities abound.

He had a meeting with Nigerian Technology application developers at Landmark Event Centre, Oniru,Victoria Island, Lagos.

Mark Zuckerberg In Nigeria

One cool thing he said, is that “the best way to predict the future is to be creative.”

Nigeria commentators, analysers and the rest are analysing his visit.

He also visited Nollywood, crashed a hip hop music video and met some Nigerian biggest stars. He is also a star. Am sure every Nigerian wants to see him. Except you don’t know the worth of facebook.

Zuckerberg crashed a hip hop music video


He loved our jollof rice. He jogged on Ikoyi Lekki  bridge on Wednesday morning.

Yemi Alade gave him cute rabbit ears.

Yemi Alade's rabbit ears on Zuckerberg

Basketmouth got insulted on Linda Ikeji’s comment section of her blog.Because he almost ran into someone at Lekki Phase 1 when he was rushing to be part of the video and picture shoot with Mark Zuckerberg. I found that amusing.  ( Typical Nigerian Drama).

Basket mouth almost ran into some one in Lekki Phase 1

One weird thing is that he wishes he could control people like codes. hmmmm…

I learnt he is silently buying everything in Nigeria and a tweet handle says he hopes he has not come to silently buy Nigeria. LOL!

We shall let you know more fun facts about his visit.


Image credit: Twitter 

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