I came across a quote which states”don’t trust what you see even salt looks like sugar” and that is very apt to the story I am about to tell you.

My sister of recent had a terrible experience which I thought I should share with the world. Once upon a time she bought a phone as a birthday gift for her son. Well, you can imagine the joy the fella felt having a new phone and all. Then barely a month after the purchase of the phone a friend of hers, asked to visit with her family. You see this friend had kids and some were the age mate of her son and the other was way older than my sister’s son. All 5 of them visited inclusive of her friend, her friend’s husband and three kids.

Now let me digress a bit, this was not the first time my sister was having her friend and kids over but this was the first time my sister’s friend was coming over with all of her children and husband. So, they had a good time and that’s it. Boring right?

Nah! It gets interesting, shortly after they left, my sister and son started searching for his phone. They ransacked the house but could not find it. My sister was so sure she kept it on the shelf and her son confirmed he did not take it afterwards. So, my sister did the most logical thing, she called her friend to ask if her kids mistakenly took the phone. Oh she did ask them quite alright, while my sister waited on the other end of the phone. Her friend casually asked her kids and they denied it. My sister was left to her fate. She did mourn the phone and was distraught but my nephew felt worst.

Few days later, after my sister failed to answer the phone calls of her friend not for the obvious reason of being robbed but for the mere fact that she was busy. Her friend sent her a message asking if she has seen the phone. My sister opened up that she bought it with a credit card, it was barely a month old, she had ransacked the house and was yet to find it.  That’s how the friend blurted that she would search for it. That same day her friend was at her house with the phone. She said she must have mistakenly took it, thinking it was for her children. That it was in her hand bag and she had not used that handbag since she left my sister’s house. You know the woman came with two handbags to drive home her point.

What’s the point making all that effort to explain away a theft. mehnnn. Some people sef, dey no try. If na for Naija, we for don beat you wella. Lock you for Police station sef. make you bail yourself before we go withdraw the complaint.

Ok, back to Yankee, you can all imagine the joy my sister and nephew felt. But lo and behold when they switched on the phone, all his data had been wiped out and my sister’s friend’s eldest son had signed into his google account on the phone. Terrible!

I was livid for that act of theftry  as I would call it and at the same time I was thankful, that her friend had a conscience to return the phone even after the theft.

Oh lest I forget before now, my sister and her son saw her friend’s children in town. They acted strangely. You know, that sort of thing was fishy. But this is a lesson to us all:

  1. Don’t leave your valuables lying around your living room when you have visitors especially so called new friends.
  2. Always lock your room doors if you don’t trust the friend you have.
  3. Before you call a person your friend, the person must be tested and trusted. Test the person to make sure you are not inviting thieves into your home.
  4. Educate your children to be careful with their properties because thieves are everywhere and anywhere.




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