…Well,  24 hours seems like a lot less time when you have a thousand list of things to do. But don’t forget to read up this juicy and sizzling gist on the royals. Perharps, it could ease you off that tension and stress. Yea! Escape into the world of entertainment for a few minutes. Without much ado,  it was rumoured as per Parent Herald that Queen Elizabeth does not like Kate Middleton for the following reasons:

1. She was a commoner before marriage to Prince William.

2. She spends lavishly and avoids her royal responsibilities. There was the rumour that she used a whooping sum of 92k to renovate her Tennis court in her home. Also we heard that she doesn’t like to work hard when supporting causes and charities.

3. The most recent of them all, she is using her pregnancy to avoid her royal responsibilities.

Could this really be true? Time will tell…

Hey, its not all bad stuffs about the 34-year old Duchess of Cambridge, she repeated her Roksanda Ilincic yellow dress a.k.a Banana dress to the Wimbledom in July, 2016 which she previously wore in her 2014 trip to Australia.  We are  most certain  this is to counter the lavish spending rumours. Take a look at it:



uhm mmmm. Back to the royal feud, we learnt that the feuding has been going on for ages now and it is not limited to Queen Elizabeth as Prince Charles has some axe to grind with Kate. He has not only ordered  her visit to the Duchy of Cornwall and Isles of Scilly but he  insisted that she takes on 11 royal engagement on her 2-day visit scheduled for 1 and 2 Sept. If you are curious as to what her itinerary within those two days would like take a peep here.

Do you know that Kate’s engagement dress has reappeared? Remember that blue Issa dress, the one she wore before the wedding. Check out the picture below. Back then in 2010, it sold for $535 and only the frock was available. Well, right now the blue is back for  $175 by the same designer at the time although its not the exact same one but it bores strong resemblance to Kate’s engagement dress.



You know I really love them royals as long as I am not paying my tax to them. (Lol) But seriously, I do love them because they remind me of all the fairy tale Kings, Queens, Prince and Princesses.

But before I leave you here is one tip on how to sit like a princess:

  1. Stand with your back to the chair
  2. Back up to the chair so that your calves hit the edge of the seat.
  3. Bend your knees as you lower your bottom onto the edge of the seat
  4. Keep your knees as together and slide to the back of the chair
  5. Slide your feet to one side. Tuck one ankle under the other ankle.
  6. To stand, lean forward, gracefully lift yourself up and return your feet to third position.

Tomorrow, I shall tell you all about Kate’s envy fears, worries.

Let’s make it a date.


Image credit: Getty/Shutterstock/Ray Tang

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