FMB relationship tips gives you ten hot topics to keep your passion burning. Most times people complain of a dead love life, so  here is how to revitalize that love and passion in your relationship.

  1. Dress Sexy: Everyone knows this but not everyone can do it. Women are more guilty of this than men. After they are with the love of their life, they feel appearances does not matter any more. But that does not seem to be the case. Invest a little time in yourself and dress sexy. Make yourself the centre of attention and see how hungrily your partner will devour you in bed.
  2. Watch a romantic movie together: Most couples don’t have a lot of things in common. It is usual to see a relationship where one partner loves reading and the other loves movies or one partner loves news and the other loves music. Lie down beside each other, or lay your head on his or her thigh and watch  a romantic movie together, maybe a romcom and see the effects of the chemistry before the movie is over.
  3. Discuss Intimate Issues: Many couples are not bold enough to discuss their sexuality with their partners. They may feel judged or looked upon as “Spoilt” Throw that shyness into the bin and dare to talk about sex. Tell him how you imagine him caressing and stroking your body. Tell him about your imaginations of him doing naughty things to you and before your done talking, both of you shall be hot for each other.
  4. Have Phone Sex : Make him or her hunger for you. One way to do this is by having phone sex by break time. A quickies at that, he or she cant wait to see you later in the day.
  5. Don’t Have Sex Everyday: Having sex everyday makes it monotonous and perfunctory. the pleasure is gone and the excitement is non-existent as both of you would begin to behave like robots. Sex becomes mechanical if done everyday for 365 days. Take some time off sex and build the anticipation.
  6. Flirt, Flirt and Flirt: Flirting increases the chemistry and ignites the passion. Flirt with your partner at all times even when he is in the midst of people. Especially when he is in the midst of people. Have a special flirting code that only he understands.
  7. Be Fun To Be With: Don’t be drape and boring. Always crack jokes and create some mischief. It goes a long way in keeping the fire burning.
  8. Shared Goals: Talk about your plans for the future. The act of being responsible fuels the fire of passion.
  9. Keep Fit: Never feel you are too old to be physically fit. Cut off the pot belly and excessive fat. This would make you more attractive and a better flexible partner in bed.
  10. Role Play: Role play spice things up in bed. You could be a nurse treating your partner as the patient or a dancer.

So guys, that’s my 10 topics to keep your passion burning in your relationship. Be sure to try out these FMB relationship tips.





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