Most of us are familiar with action packed/blockbuster movies and those movies are  never complete without Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.  According to Forbes, The Rock is  the world’s highest-paid actor having earned $64.5 million in the past year alone.

There are the obvious ways he’s earned the money: starring in successful film franchises like Fast and Furious, the HBO show Ballers and being an all-around charismatic entertainer.

But besides the obvious reasons, what are the moments in The Rock’s career that prove just how valuable he is to America and the world at large.

Here are times in which The Rock really proved his worth as the highest-paid actor in the world.

  1. The Rock Clock: There are more hours in your day when you’re on Rock Time, because Rock Time is earlier than a time at which any non-The Rock-person wants to wake up. This app provides motivational messages straight from The Rock to your phone, which is genuinely a very cool thing.

The Rock Clock Alarm

2. His Diet

The Rock reportedly eats 36 pounds of cod every day, in addition to like, 30 other insane foods. It is totally unbelievable  what Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s human body can do.

The Rock and cod fish

  1. His more emotional work, such as in Tooth Fairy

Fans of The Rock have come to appreciate his deeper roles, especially his role of Derek-slash-Tooth Fairy in 2010 film turned cult classic Tooth Fairy.

Tooth_fairy_promo poster

  1. His catchphrase

Can you smell what The Rock is cooking? Easily, because it’s 36 pounds of cod and it smells horrible.

5. “The Rock Obama” on SNL

The Rock proves he is capable of performing sketch comedy and being the president of the United States in one fell swoop. One Fell Swoop, of course, is possibly the name of a wrestling move The Rock was good at before he traded that all in to become the America’s highest-paid actor.

6. Being a presumably good father

With adorable Instagrams of his daughter, we can infer that he is a good father. Also, people for sure refer to him as “daddy” online, which, though differently, provides more evidence to our point.

7. His Horrible Face In The Mummy Returns

Does that look anything like The Rock’s $64.5 million face to you? We don’t think so, either.


8. Dwayne “The Wax Figure” “The Rock” Johnson

Now there’s a face that looks like The Rock’s face!


Dwayne Johnson wax figure

Source : Mashable/Image Credit: Instagram/Eonline




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