HELP! I am addicted to Jenifa’s diary. If you are not yet a fan, please hop on board to enjoy this hilarious and fantastic comedy starring Funke Akindele, Banky W, Alex Ekubo, Lota Chukwu, Ali Nuhu, Juliana Olayode and a host of others. It is a comedy that can spice up your weekend if you are in the  mood to relax. And cheer up your mood if you have had a very chaotic day. It is a must watch hilarious comedy to the core. Sometimes we feel Funke Akindele over did it but you can’t have an overdose of laughter. Can you? It is a comedy television series about a razz village hairdresser Suliat who heads to the city in search for admission into the University. It has successfully produced 6 seasons with season 6 premiered on 31 July, 2016. To tantalize you a bit one of the funny episodes is season 1, episode 8 where Jenifa’s friend and roommate picked Jenifa’s phone call purportedly from Banky W whom she had boasted to her friends that she was dating. It is also educative for the youths to know that all that glitters is not gold.

It is a must watch comedy series. At least the laughter would make you live long and temporary wipe away your worries and relieve the stress of the day’s activities.

Here is a trailer of season 6 to entice you into falling love with Jenifa’s diary.

I remain your movie girl.



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