Usain Bolt has been on a full party mode this week. After partying hard in Rio on his 30th birthday, he continued the party spirit in London at Libertine Nightclub with a throng of beauties. Of course, given his recent exploits in the racing tracks of the Rio Olympics, one could ask, why shouldn’t he?

However, his party lifestyle has recently brought him a lot of negative press. Following the leak of a series of photos that showed him in bed with a Brazilian student, Jady Durate. See photos here:

Other photos of him with a mystery woman in London have emerged. Bolt was spotted leaving his hotel with a woman wearing a revealing dress.

Bolt is believed to be in a two-year relationship with fellow Jamaican national 26-year-old Kasi Bennett. If you are wondering what she looks like. Here she is:

According to MailOnline, the athlete’s sister Christine Bolt-Hylton believed the pair were due to get engaged on his return from the Olympic Games.

Miss Bennett tweeted to say she was “logging off” Twitter after the pictures emerged.

“Doing something I’m pretty sure I’ve made fun of people for doing… But here goes : I’m tapped out. Logging off,” she wrote.

She had previously shared birthday wishes to Bolt and reweeted pictures of her beau wearing his medals.

Image credit: Twitter/Evening standard

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