FMB  has been gathered from reliable sources that movement in Ikorudu Town, Lagos State will be restricted from Today 23 August to Friday 26, August between 11pm-5am. This is as a result of the Eluku Festival. Kindly avoid night movement if you live around there and if you don’t it is advisable to avoid Ikorudu completely for this period of time if possible.

Eluku is one of the many festivals celebrated by the indigenes of Ikorudu. The role of Eluku in Ikorudu traditional society is that of an executioner.

Other festivals are Odun Osu which is the first festival of the year which paves way for other festivals. It usually takes place at the end of the dry season but before the first set of rainfall.

Odun Osu is, strictly speaking, a royal festival in which the highest traditional social club. “The Rogunyo” plays a very important role. After Odun Osu comes Magbo festival. Magbo festival had been described by a visitor as the ‘greatest carnival’ in this part of the world. Magbo festival, just as the Liwe festival that follows closely on its heels is a ‘Male-only’ affair. Both festivals are celebrated with the women folk keeping in-door for some 24 hours. Each of the festivals does not hold on Fridays or Sundays as a mark of respect for these Muslim and Christian holy days.



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