The football frenzy is up again with lots of exciting predictions, build ups and analysis to watch out for.

Every football lover has a favourite player that they love to see play and that they watch out for all through the season. But not every football lover has a fav manager whom they follow keenly. Except Chelsea fans who loved their former Manager Jose Mourinho and that inspires this question directed to Chelsea fans.

Do you still love Jose Mourinho even though he longer manages Chelsea? And even though he led Chelsea into relegation before biding them farewell some few years back?

Now, most of you would disagree with my next assertion. It is a manager that makes a club great or a football team good. A bad manager with good players can be likened to a bad cook because even with the best ingredients, he can never cook a pot of delicious soup.

Take for instance Manchester United, it was a club to reckon with during the era of Sir Alex Ferguson. It consistently won the title of the Barclay’s premier league which earned it the nick name in Nigeria- “PDP.”

And just when Sir Ferguson retired and David Moyes took over with the same set of players, the club’s performance was at its poorest so much so that the fans flew an airplane protesting the continued employment of Moyes as the club manager. Manchester United was known as a club which freely distributed 3 points to any and every club.

Then Van Gaal took over and the performance of Manchester United became better, at least he was able to restore part of the club’s glory. The players that were sold were at their peak in their new clubs. And this drives home the point that the manager makes a club great and makes a player greater.

Arsenal is another example; Aresne Wenger is a slightly above average manager which is good enough to be in the top 4 of the Barclay’s premier league but not good enough to top the league. I can’t remember the last time Arsenal won the Barclay’s premier league title, if you do, please tell me. Most of their fans are so fed up with the manager and they strongly feel that if the manager is by replaced, Arsenal can and would achieve victory in the Barclay’s premier league. But the manager is hell bent on maximising profit as against winning trophies and Arsenal has no intention whatsoever of replacing the manager.

Jose Mourinho just came on board and you can imagine Manchester United winning their first two games, without a hitch. And if Mourinho can make Manchester United win the trophy this season, know that he would earn the position of a top class manager and the nickname “Mr. Fix It.” Clubs would literally die for him to manage them as he would be the golden ticket to the Barclay’s Premier League Trophy.


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