The Nigerian Bar Association conference  commenced on Sunday 21 August at Port Harcourt. It is a week long event and  it is the greatest highlight of the year for lawyers as they come together to mediate on the progress recorded so far by the Association. They also trade ideas on how to move the legal profession forward. It is usually tedious for lawyers working with the Nigerian Bar Association. But for other lawyers who are not taking active role in the activities of the conference such as presenting a paper or organising a meeting for a committee, it is less stressful.

However, lawyers have different reasons for attending the NBA conference and here are some:

  1. To Meet Colleagues: It is not in doubt that lawyers are very busy people. They hardly have time for social life since the legal profession is a very jealous profession. The NBA conference affords them the time to meet their old colleagues who they attended the same University or Law School with. To lawyers, NBA conference is a reunion forum.
  2. To Start A Romance: During their Universities days and Law School days some individuals were highly focused on their books and even if there was a colleague or friend they liked enough to start a family with, they just couldn’t be bothered then. The NBA conference is a place to reunite with that old flame or friend and start a relationship. Since all lawyers are on vacation and are relaxed enough to plan for a future relationship.
  3. Show Off: Lawyers also like to show off to themselves and there is no better place to do same than the NBA conference. Cladded in shinning suits, shoes and flashy skirt suits. They love to flash their complimentary/business cards and tell their mates that they work in fanciful a law firms and or a big company.
  4. To Have Fun: Lawyers work hard and they party harder. The NBA conference is where lawyers go to have fun. Some save money specially for the conference and they splash it like hell. They party hard and can party all night. It is fun all the way for the lawyers.
  5. To Gain Knowledge: For the book worm lawyers, they sit in the conference hall all day long consuming all the knowledge being dished out by the learned silks or senior lawyers. NBA conference is another great place to update your skills and knowledge as a lawyer.
  6.  Networking: Lawyers try to make an impression on their seniors and learned silks in order to switch jobs. The NBA conference gives lawyers access to the veterans in the industry.
  7. Sightseeing: For those lawyers who are not afforded the opportunity to travel by virtue of their work, the NBA conference affords them the opportunity to visit other parts of Nigeria. Little wonder they don’t attend the presentations or committee meetings. But the junior lawyers sometimes get compelled by their overbearing bosses who paid for the conference on their behalf to attend the lectures.


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