As  we all know Mayowa Ahmed, the ovarian cancer patient is dead.  Celebrity blogger Linda Ikeji took to her twitter account to announce the passing on of Mayowa but little did she know she would receive backlash from her tweet. This was coming in the wake of her previous posts on her blog that #SaveMayowa was a scam. Later on she apologised for the post claiming that when she was informed she sent someone to LUTH to confirm the allegations but the person saw chaos. And also that the police was already involved, questioning people and all.  Some Nigerians did not buy her apology or perharps they have not forgiven her for her post as they took to her twitter account to attack her and even blame her for the death of Mayowa Ahmed.

For instance:

Taiwo Yanmife @ yanmifresh on 21 August @ 8.27pm in response to Linda’s message :” well Linda Ikeji carried a false info mayowa is dead now…sad.”

joecole Samson@jolecoless on 21 August@ 6.15pm “Big ups to you linda… your dreams came to fulfilment.”

Kendrick Oluwaseun J. @ Halleskey  on 21 August 5.24pm. Na God go punish you, oloriburuku sheybi you are happy now abi. #RIPMayowa.

Fatima @ LeoBeesorlar on 21 August 6.05pm. @lindaikeji Odeh, you even had the guts to blog about Mayowa’s death.

Although the family of late Mayowa Ahmed, did not lash out at Linda Ikeji, it is pertinent to wonder why other Nigerians are lashing out at Linda. Some are of the opinion that if she had not blogged about #SaveMayowa being a scam, Mayowa would have received medical treatment abroad timely.

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Others are of the opinion that Linda was just doing her job and it was nothing personal.

I am of the  opinion that Linda is not the giver and taker of life, she did not cause the ovarian cancer and she is not to blame for the death of Mayowa. She can be blamed for the bad publicity but certainly not the death except if the doctors in South Africa are of the opinion that if Mayowa was brought in earlier she would have been saved. Then and only then can Linda Ikeji be blamed.

What’s your opinion on this issue? Comments please.



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