We all love to kiss the person we like and I am not talking about a peck. I am talking about the real thing where we stick our tongue into another person’s mouth and roll it for some seconds or minutes. When we meet someone we are attracted to, we start imagining what it would feel like to kiss that person.

But have we ever paused for a moment to wonder what the origin of kissing is. Anyways, Anthropologists are divided on this issue. There are two opinions on the origin of kissing. One school of thought believes that kissing is  instinctual and intuitive and the other  school believes that kissing evolved from what is known as kiss feeding, a process used by mothers to feed their infants by passing chewed food to their babies’ mouths.

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Whatever the origin of kissing is, we all love a good kiss and here are  FMB ‘s 9 secret tips on how to thrill your partner and kiss  excellently.

1. Freshen Up

Bad breath can happen to anyone.  It could be from not taking for long hours or from smoking or eating garlic or from drinking milk before having a nap. It could also be natural. when you are up for a kiss , it is always good to freshen up. Have an apple before you sleep it reduces bad breath in the morning. Chew a gum with mint flavour or any other pleasant flavour. Always keep our teeth clean and your breath fresher.

2. Be Spontaneous

Some people are scared of taking that leap. The moment is right and they can also feel the emotional works from the other party but they are scared to initiate a kiss. The question “Can I kiss you?” ruins the moment for an excellent kiss. Read the eyes and gesture of your partner and if its right, take that leap.

3. Close Your Eyes

When you’re ready for a kiss, it is perfect to close your eyes while kissing. If your eyes are opened you get distracted by the surroundings or little blemishes or spots on your partner’s face. Close your eyes to feel the moment and the sensation that comes from kissing.

4. Don’t Try to Control It, Let It Control You

An excellent  kiss is powerful, so you should just let it grip you and go with it. The moment is broken if you try to control it as it becomes mechanical. Just do it and even if your partner is not an excellent kisser just like you he or she  would follow your lead.

6. Don’t Kiss All The Time

Anticipation makes kissing pleasant and fun. When you kiss all the time,  you can’t tell if it is pleasurable or not. The kiss becomes perfunctory and there is nothing to look forward to.

7. Mind Your Tongue

Tongue use can be great, or horrible.When  the tongue is out and about and is everywhere on the face of your partner but his or her mouth. Then know you are a bad kisser.  So always make sure your tongue is stuck in your partner’s mouth exploring his tongue.

8. Control Your Saliva

Make sure, like your tongue, you control your saliva. Nobody likes to be covered in the saliva of others. Especially when they are kissing, it is a total turnoff and it is disgusting.

9. Don’t Be Stiff

Don’ stand there like a tree or stick. Explore your partner’s body while you kiss. It could be holding  his or her hands. Rubbing her  hair or his hair. Supporting the head with your hands or caressing his or her body. Just get busy and make sure your tongues are not the only parts of your body joined together.


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