Kim Kardashian celebrated her middle school graduation back in 1994 by posting a home video that stars her late father.

In the clip, which she teased on Twitter, a young Kardashian poses with her dad, Robert right after receiving her diploma.

“This is a really special memory for me; it was the day of my middle school graduation ceremony. I was 13 years old here,” she wrote in the caption. “So many of our family and friends came to congratulate me.”

But more importantly, Kardashian added, “Look at my haircut, guys!!!”

The pre-teen Kardashian was rocking a super sleek bob for her middle school milestone with a white button down. Very Uma Thurman in Pulp Fiction, a movie that came out that same year.

While the rest of the video — posted in full on her website — has Kardashian posing with Kris and Caitlyn Jenner, and her sisters, Kourtney and Khloé. The clip Kardashian posted on Twitter is just her, shyly telling her dad, “I graduated and I’m happy.”

Us Weekly
reported that Kardashian continued to talk about the video on her website, making it clear it wasn’t just a throwback, but a sweet dedication to her dad’s love of the camera.

“It feels like my dad used to film every single moment of our lives,” she wrote. “He was always there with a camcorder, whether it was my sisters’ birthday parties, a family trip to Vail or just a random day when we were all chilling at the house.”

Not to mention, that middle school graduation where you proved style was something you had from a very early age.

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