Most times we complain about changing relationship like a dress or our inability to remain in a relationship with one person for a very long time. We blame our partner for the breakup and  never take other factors into consideration. Sometimes, it might not entirely be the fault of our partner. We too can lack some qualities that can lead to the break up of the relationship. Cheer up, it is not that bad if we can develop these 5 qualities then  our relationships shall be preserved.

    1. Patience: Without the virtue of patience on your part, you will suffer a lot of blunder in your relationship. You must be patient to study the conflict in your relationship or the qualities and characteristics of your partner.
    2. Perseverance: When you have the ability to persevere in your relationship, to persist in your relationship people may even call you “Fool” but fear not you are in the right track. Ever heard of those women who left their spouse to be because he was not rich? Guess what? Few years down the line the so called poor spouse becomes a millionaire or wealthy enough to cause a stir or envy in their tummies. And the regret floods in.
    3. Self-Worth: If you lack self-worth, then it means you are not wise in your relationship and your relationship won’t last. Self-worth enables you to create security and therefore have less worry about your esteem and your worth in the relationship. It gives you the confidence you need to build a successful relationship. You cannot be deceived by outsiders or your partner because you know who you are and what you are. You rather command the respect of your partner.
    4. Kindness: If you are not kind in your relationship then you are not wise. Someone better and nicer than you will snatch your partner off you in a jiffy.
    5. Self-control: This is what makes you not to cheat on him or her. It is what makes you not to veer off the track and plans you have in your relationship. It is what makes you not to put a strain on your relationship by applying the comparison paralysis analysis.


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