One of the oldest vice in the Nigerian economy has raised a lot of worries and concerns amongst motorists and passengers engaged in interstate travels around the country. This vice can also be termed “corruption” as it involves the act of receiving and demanding for tips and bribes from unsuspecting private motorists and the all-knowing public/commercial drivers. No administration since the inception of the new democratic era can boast of eradicating this vice. And even the former Inspector General of Police Solomon Arase did not succeed in sanitising the police force to erase this aspect. Thus, the police have retained its bad reputation and the Federal Road Safety Corps(FRSC) has joined it in solidifying this smelly act of corruption.

The demand for bribes and tips by the FRSC and the Nigerian Police Force  at designated check points have impacted negatively on the Nigerian economy and fuelled the already recessed economy as commercial drivers are forced to increase the fares even in the absence of fuel scarcity. The passengers who are the common men and ordinary citizens of Nigeria feel the impact by paying more, although their salaries have remained stagnant and their businesses have been redundant since the coming into power of the current administration.

Reports from FMB personnel who witnessed this act along the Ondo, Ekiti Akure roads reveals that the FRSC requests the drivers to put N200 naira note in the passenger’s list which is handed over to them. They pick the money and return the list. While the police prefer the money to be squeezed into their hands and go for the sum of N50-N100. The mobile police men popularly called Mopol go for a fixed sum of N100 and prefers the money to be squeezed into their hands as well. One would have thought this practice has been eliminated with the anti corruption war being fought by the present administration.

Written by FMB

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