It appears there is no end to the haters and lovers of Cristiano Rolando as Spanish actress Elena Anaya has hit out at Cristiano Ronaldo, labelling the Real Madrid attacker a “harmful figure” and a “false idol”.

Well, she sure has her reasons as she feels that a player who removes his shirt after scoring a goal rather than hugging his teammates is a harmful figure and a false idol.

Elena Anaya

We live an era in which harmful figures like Cristiano Ronaldo are praised,” Anaya said in an interview with El Mundo.

“I wanted Portugal to win Euro 2016, but I didn’t want Ronaldo to score. He’s a false idol as he promotes selfish values.

“How can you celebrate a victory by taking your shirt off instead of hugging your friends? These are individualistic and materialistic values that damage society.


Elena, be careful, there’s a thing line between love and dislike. My guts tell me that this is not the end to this story.


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