Suffering is when you trek for a long distance only to wait for one hour at the bus stop before getting a bus.

Suffering is when you go to a dead bus stop and expect a private padded air-conditioned vehicle to stop for you. What were you thinking?

Suffering is when you wait at the bus stop for hours and when finally, the bus stops, you begin to bargain on the price and lose your chance to enter the bus. Chai! Wetin you do sef?

Suffering is when you wait in a traffic jam for 3 hours and get an overheated vehicle.

Suffering is when you sleep by 12 midnight, wake up by 4am to avoid traffic, work the whole day and sleep by 12 midnight again. You come life

Lagosians defile the rule that it takes a patient and persistent person to build a successful business. They are impatient but yet very rich.


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