According to Sebastyne Young, “A picture can tell a thousand words but a few words can change its story.”

So is the case with the Nigerian  Federal Government’s decision to subsidize the dollar for Hajj pilgrims. While the public outcry was the loudest, the Federal Government decided to join the bandwagon by offering an explanation to its decision through President Buhari’s SSA on Media and Publicity -Garba Shehu. 

Below is his explanation on twitter:

Now, everyone is free to dissect it for what it is and further discuss this issue.  For me, I see nothing special in this explanation.

1. If the President approved it three months ago, he can also withdraw his approval given the economic situation in Nigeria.

2. When the new forex regime came into being this should have told the President one thing and one thing only :”that the new regime is either in line or out of line with the harsh economic reality.”

3. Is the Chairman of Hajj’s pronouncement on what is or not discriminatory necessary in a burning issue such as this which has a drastic impact on our Economy ? Is the crux of the matter not different from his opinion? Most people are agitated because education and medical trips are not subsidized. Businesses which will move the Nigerian economy forward are not subsidized. So why should religion be subsidized?

4. I hold the same position as stated in number 3 above.

Do you think the FG’s explanation is satisfactory and justifiable? 

Drop your comments below.

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