Ladies we all know the 7 things every woman must have in her handbag, here are additional things which a woman can also put in her handbag if she is the type that loves lots of stuffs in her handbag.

  1. A pen: If you are the intellectual type, it never hurts to carry a pen.
  2. A jotter: And of course, what’s a pen without a jotter to pen down your thoughts or the information.
  3. Ear phones: When there is an annoying conversation that you don’t want to partake in, girl block your ears with the earphones and listen to the radio or some good music rather than be irritated for the rest of the day. You could always put an ear phone in your handbag.
  4. Sanitary pad: The mensural cycle can be a bitch and at times disgrace you if you are not an expert in reading your cycle and even if you are an expert you cannot tell for sure when it will show up.
  5. A veil: Yes! A veil to hide the stains of a mensural cycle or some other stains. And if your clothes get ripped off by a nail or a car door or the bus or the train. A veil comes in handy to hide the rip.

By floramichaels

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