Doctors are telling pregnant women in Miami to wear long sleeves and pants in 100-degree heat, to avoid going outside, and to use condoms for the duration of their pregnancies as Zika cases multiply in South Florida according to reports from Huffpost.

“I used to go for these long walks at night with my first [pregnancy], and now I’m stuck inside,” said Dr. Karla Maguire, an OBGYN in Miami who is pregnant with her second child. “I think in an ideal world, if I were independently wealthy, I’d get out of Florida right now. But just following recommendations and trying to avoid mosquitos is all we can do.”

Because the Zika virus presents the biggest problem for pregnant women and their fetuses, women’s health clinics have a vital role to play in the outbreak. And clinics are scrambling to deal with the flood of women worried about Zika in light of reports this week that the number of locally transmitted cases in the Miami area had risen to 15, obstetricians told The Huffington Post.

“We are getting an influx of phone calls from pregnant patients and people thinking about getting pregnant,” said Dr. Lona Sasser, an OBGYN in Coral Gables. “We’ve been talking to the patients about it for months and months, but the phone calls certainly have increased over the last week.”

Zika can be spread through sex, by mosquitos or from a pregnant woman to her fetus. (A lot is still unknown about the virus.) Many people who get Zika will have mild symptoms or none at all. But the virus can cause severe birth defects. Zika has spread throughout Latin America and the Caribbean, and the World Health Organization declared it a public health emergency in February. 

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