I know men are also curious to know the contents of a woman’s handbag, it has almost become a trade secret to know what’s inside as women guard their handbags jealously. Also most women are in the habit of filling up their handbags with junks rather than the essentials. SO, if you are one of those women who do not really know what to exclude or include in your handbag, here are seven things that you must at least have in your handbag.

  1. Keys: Be it your car keys or house keys or office keys. Keys are very valuable and can be misplaced within the twinkle of an eye. It is always good to have them in your handbag.
  2. Handkerchief: It could be a sunny day and you have the sweat flowing down like a river. Your handkerchief always come in handy to clean the perspiration and make you look fresh and dry again. How about been accidentally splashed with water or a drink or something liquid? Your handkerchief can also come to the rescue and what of those tiny stains we acquire at the edge of our mouth after lunch or dinner with the friends? A handkerchief is a must have.
  3. Mobile phone: Most times, we all have the tendency to forget about our phones especially when we are in the thick of a very interesting conversation. What of pickpockets? It is always easier to safeguard your phone by placing it in your handbag. For starters, a handbag with too many compartments might be too complicated for a pickpocket to locate your phone within a short space of time. Also, you can never forget your phone on a desk, in an office or in a friend’s house or even in the bus as it is constantly placed in your handbag.
  4. Lipstick/Lipgloss: After that delicious lunch at the office, you might be called in by your superiors for a meeting, imagine the look on their faces when your lip is barred of the lipstick which they saw minutes ago. Also imagine, you have been sitting down for hours typing away and biting your lips at the same time, then suddenly you are called in for a meeting or you took a walk and bumped into an old flame. The first reflex is to lick your lips or touch your hair. Always keep a lipstick in your hand bag to coat your lips after lunch or after long hours of work.
  5. Powder: As a woman, a must have is a portable powder compartment to freshen up your face especially in a hot climate like Nigeria. It is absolutely necessary to keep it in your handbag at all times to freshen up your face after that long journey to work if you live in the city or that long hours at work.
  6. Mirror: It is very necessary to have a little mirror in your handbag rather than asking the person sitting next to you if you look ok. Imagine the person does not really like you for whatever reason and so lies to you that your powder is even when it’s not.
  7. Comb/Brush: Yea, in this era of wigs/hair extensions/weaves and all. We women love to let it down to feel the texture and feel good as well. After riding on a bike, the weaves or hair extension looks very funny blown by the wind and only a comb or brush can restore its glorious look. What of sitting close to a fan or an air-condition on full blast. Imagine the disaster if you were to enter for an interview looking dishevelled and all. Definitely put a hair brush or comb in your handbag.

By floramichaels

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