Yes, everyone can grow old but not everyone can grow old and remain flawless, elegant, radiant, strong and beautiful without plastic surgery. Dr Arene gives us a glimpse into her lifestyle at the age of 74 as she rapidly approaches 75. She said it is all God, and it is not as if she eats the best meal, but she is in sync with God. She has imbibed the word of God on a daily basis all her life.

Aside from being a management consultant, TV presenter and producer amongst others she is also a wife, mother, grandmother and a management consultant. She is a woman who you can say has seen it all and knows it all. She has gone through the full life circle of a living human being. She was born, grew up, got married, have three children as a product of her marriage and many grandchildren. She has been married for 50years. Can you beat that?

She said has secret to long life, radiance and success is God.

In her words “Those that have been planted by the river side shall flourish and bear fruit in and out of season. The life is lived in the spiritual and God reneweth her youth like the eagles.”

Her life has been lived close to God and she has been a great beneficiary of God’s blessings. She has never been to a health spa except when her daughter-in -law brought a massager to her room during her vacation in US.

Her knees her flexible and she has lived a life close to God, she does not do much exercise and is an addict of prayer. A positive addict! I must add.

Her three children are all medical doctors and we asked her how she managed to bring up her children to become pristine achievers despite her busy schedule. And she said:

“My children became brilliant because of their role model. The distractions of the TV was absent as the whole house read together. My husband taught the children maths and I taught the children English language.”

She did her postdoctoral studies when she was a mother. And to the Ladies out there, she said “Pregnancy is a temporary delay, resume your interest afterwards.”

She is a starter of things, and was the first settler in her permanent residence at Gomez Street, Majek, Lagos.


Written By Flora Martins

By floramichaels

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