Am sure you are wondering what this is all about, maybe my 101 list of boyfriends but I haven’t even dated half of that number, you would say.  Nah! It is not about the numbers of boys or men you have dated, it is about something different.

As a lady or a young woman, there are those dream guys or personalities which if given the opportunity you would love to date. You have imagined  going to the altar with these guys and have dreamed of being close to them all your young life. You obsess about them and you have a secret crush on some of them.

Then BOOM, all of a sudden, luck shines on you and you become a star, a famous musician or an actress perharps, and rather than work professionally and get settled with a good man. These ladies decides to date all the men in their well scripted 101 list of boyfriends. They believe that the list be exhausted and by the time this happens all the good men have been taken and they are left with none but their list.

This is not an abstract topic and happens in the Nigerian entertainment industry. Everyone knows actresses and rappers and musicians  like Eva AlordiahRita Dominic and Cynthia Morgan .

Eva Alordiah : She has dated Ice Prince and God knows who. We don’t have the full list but she is still young at 26 years, perharps we can really comment in a few years from now. But rumours abound as to her being a lesbian and also of her numerous relationships. Well, she is engaged to Caesar ( they got engaged  1st  January 2016) and that should put the matter to rest for now.

Rita Dominic : As at 2011, she was defensive when asked about her boyfriend, she’s what? 41 years old and believe we shouldn’t be concerned. We are genuinely concerned. Is she supposed to be talking about boyfriends or children?  We are not judging, just saying. oh,  before we forget, she once said that “I have learned how  to keep my private business, private. If you want hear wedding bells, why not ring it yourself.” Doh! Honey, everyone is concerned about you not wasting your beauty without giving the world mini yous. No be beef o! Although in 2014, there were rumours of her being pregnant as she became publicly scarce. What of the rumours of her and Ini Edo being sworn enemy because of runs o!

Cynthia Morgan: Young and fresh and still 24 years of age. She might think she has the whole world ahead of her.  That’s why her rumours and scandals fly so high. From nude photos to sex tapes! Honey, get a room and turn off the camera. It is not cool and most men don’t look to spending their lives with a woman who has displayed it all.   Babe, it appears you got the 101 list, from Royfire to Mr.2Kay and so on. What of your confessions on having a crush on Davido. while, it is not bad but na only you waka come?  Please ask Dija for some good solid advise on good conduct.


By floramichaels

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