The name AY the Comedian is not strange, it is an internationally acclaimed name. It is a household name and it is the name behind all the great comedy movies  and TV series such as “30 Days In Atlanta” “AY’s Crib”  “Being Mrs Elliot” “Stalker” ( A 2016 movie)  and  “A Trip To Jamaica”(soon to be released).

AY’s full names are Ayo Richard Makun  and he hails from Ifon in  Ondo State., shocking right? One would have thought he was from Delta State and from the Urobho tribe to be precise, given the way he portrays it in all his shows and movies. I believe that is just his selling point as he was born and bred in Delta State and  having schooled in Delta State University, Abraka. He loves to be known as “Warri Boy.”  And if you are curious about his age he was born 19 August, 1978. (38years)

AY the Comedian

He first came into the limelight in 2006 through his comic representation of Rev. Chris Okotie. Ever since then, he has been unstoppable, winning awards and getting more famous.  He is a Comedian, An Actor, A Professional Master of Ceremonies, live show host and a writer. He is a man blessed with many talents and a wife called Mabel  and  a daughter called Mitchelle. He is the CEO of Corporate World Entertainment.

One special feature you should about AY is that he helps young and upcoming Comedians through a talent competition called AY Open Mic Challenge. Cool, right?

As “A Trip To Jamaica” is set to premiere on 25 September, 2016, the latest addition to his collection of achievements and uniqueness it is always good to know a little about the man behind this tantalizing tale of entertainment.



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