Once you read the name Donald Trump the question comes to mind if you are an avid reader is “what has he said or done this time?” Such is the name as he is known to be the most controversial US presidential candidate the US has ever had due to his controversial comments especially on illegal immigrants although he is married to an immigrant who only became an American citizen in 2006. He is also known as a billionaire, a television personality and an author.

Now, here is what he has done this time, he took to his twitter account on 27 July and placed an open invitation to Russia in particular or any other country to share with the FBI the missing 33,000 Hilary Clinton emails which were illegally deleted., if they have it.

It is typical Trump as he couldn’t just resist the urge to sit still on this one and not make a comment about the thousands of emails from the Democratic National Committee which were released by WikiLeaks last week. Trump is not flawless and is also saddled with his own challenges as his wife Melania Trump was cut up in the plagiarism scandal during the Republican Convention but this has not deterred the Republican Party Nominee for President from creating time to delve into the Democratic party issues even though Hilary Clinton did not show him the same gesture during the Republican Convention. Well, what can one say? It is just typical Trump’s way of doing and saying things. 

However, his campaign spokesperson Jason Miller have found a way to interpret his statement on twitter as if it was written in an alien language. WOW!

By Flora Martins

By floramichaels

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