In recent times, we all have experienced a big shift in the economy of our country that led to mass poverty, geometrically progressed unemployment rate, and the stand-still of the major sectors of our economy.

It is no longer news, that our economy is sick or extremely down but what we the masses fail to understand is that most of our solutions lie within our grip and not on the government. Yes it is true that the government plays a major role in the economy of our nation, at the same time, we should know that our economic problems are just too much for the government to solve. Walking you down the history lane, most of the hardship we face today was inherited due to the bad governance that has existed right from our independence. Different government comes in with different agenda and no result, leaving us in this era of calamity.

Of course our government is to be blamed regardless, we Nigerians are the major cause of our problems. Since 1960 till date I did not read of any or see any foreigner ruling this country so, for a better nation we should work on our integrity and conscience as civilized human beings. For with this attributes, change comes quickly than awaiting a heaven sent leader to deliver us from our hardships, especially the impecunious state of most Nigerians.

My questions are; for how long do we want to keep retrogressing? For how long do we want to live in abject poverty? For how long do we want to lack the basic amenities of life? I know and I feel the time to act is now and by acting we don’t have to waste our precious time throwing blames on the government. Instead we grow ourselves and build the economy by reviving the abandoned sectors of agriculture. Gone are the days when graduates wait anxiously for government work or white collar jobs, now you have to develop yourself and by doing that the economy is getting it’s healing. Take for example 10 graduates start-up 10 farms, be it poultry or cash crops, they will have to employ workers and by doing so they are reducing the unemployment rate. In addition, increasing the food production of the economy at large. This could be applied in different works of life, not just in agriculture.

This is the new phase of our nation and we all have to recognize it and make a crucial decision, because this phase is where we will be for a very long time.


Written By: Lawrence Micheals

By Lawrence Micheals

An incurable optimist, a writer, poet, a technopreneur in the making, a resource personnel, an event planner who is technically gifted and clinical when it matters.

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