Together we can change the world is the motto of this dynamic NGO called Echoes Of Mercy And Hope  Foundation . They remind us that there is some good out there. They remind us that there are teenage girls  who are victims of the society. Girls who have gone through all forms of abuses, this stories are for you. These are real life experiences but the victims are victors, stronger than ever because they have overcome the struggles and they understand it better than anyone else.

It is said that those who are struggling to talk about a struggle are likely to forget about it but to be shown a struggle you are likely not to forget it. And to live through a struggle, you  understand it.
The Echoes Of Mercy and Hope Foundation  as its name depicts, shows mercy to abused teenage girls and gives them hope for the future. They pick these girls from the street and rehabilitate them, they nurture them and set them in the right path. Their vision is to assist as many girls as possible.


It all started during their street evangelism when they  noticed that they were not too many homes for girls in Lagos State as against boys. So a group of Christian women came together to set up this home which has a capacity to house 35girls.  It is touching that they don’t get help from blue chip companies because those companies don’t want to identify with a Christian agenda. Help from people in all forms and manner would be appreciated. The founder Mrs. Fola Soyebo can be reached on 08023128822 and 

I was there to give words of encouragement and it was a moving experience as I saw girls who have gone through unimaginable horror, pick themselves up and aspire to be great. They wanted to be professionals and one particular girl wanted to be a world leader.

But here are some of the stories of the victims  to give you an imagination of their experiences.  So imagine this happening to your relative or sibling or daughter or even you. How would you feel?  Angry, Right? Well, these girls are stronger than ever and it will never hurt to give a little assistance in anyway people can.

  • Imagine your sister or daughter being sexually abused and threatened to be sent back to her state by her step father, if she tells anyone.
  • Imagine as a girl you are being molested by your Uncle or being maltreated by a woman you stay with. A glass plate being broken on the body of a teenage girl?
  • Or a friend who wanted to sell another teenage girl for 5000thousand naira. These are real life stories, stories of the girls who are being harboured by Echoes Foundation.

Now you know that while there’s a lot of bad out there, there is still some good  too and that little good can make a great difference in the life of a person.



Written By Flora Martins

By floramichaels

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  1. Thanks so much Flora. Quite inspiring and meaningful. We shall all together change the World.

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