She is known by many in the older generation as the presenter of Kith and Kin an NTA programme and she is known by many more people in the younger generation as the presenter of Voice of Eve.

It will amaze you to know that she started out as a teacher and then as a management consultant who became a TV Presenter; TV producer; A Pastor; A women empowerment advocate and A global youth matron for African Women In Leadership Organisations.

Out of curiosity, we took a peep at the woman with the numerous and unique titles. We wanted to chronicle her achievements from a different perspective and tell her story like it has never being told. We wanted everyone out there to see what a 74years old icon has achieved and is still achieving. And now we want everyone to be inspired and encouraged by this living testimony of an over achiever.

Dr. Violet Arene started the popular NTA TV programme of Kith and Kin, she was the presenter of the programme which is about the family and anchored it for 6 years. At the time she commenced her journey in the world of broadcasting, she had no experience or training in that field. She was working at NNPC when two people came to her office from NTA and asked her to be a presenter for the Kith and Kin TV programme she said. She simultaneously did this while she continued working for NNPC.

Born in 1942, during the colonial era and world war II, she was not born with a sliver spoon and everything she has, she has worked for it, pursuing excellence with a keenness that has never been paid to it. She has always been purpose driven and this made her rise to the zenith of her career in NNPC. She was one of the only two first females that made it to the position of General Manager in NNPC at that time. She could be christened influence” as she trained Chief Officers/managers in NNPC, she ate knowledge to achieve this and has a life time of meritorious awards due to her zeal and commitment to success.

Her story can be said to be that of one of grass to grace as everything she has ever had, she worked for it and God handed them to her in style. She is a product of God’s grace and a living testimony of God’s miracle. She is an academician who is very adapt with modern day technology. It will amaze you to know that she chats and surfs the net more than most youngsters. Her hand does not twitch and her well sculpted face is devoid of wrinkles, her skin is flawless and she radiates youthfulness even at 74.

When asked “what her secret to this ever radiant beauty and youth was?” She said “Dedication to God”

After public service for 36 and half years she went on compulsory retirement but started another journey in her career in the private sector. She worked as a trainer for an insurance company and started her company called Lydia Rock Consult Ltd, a management consulting company. She is a defacto management consultant and that she has used to gain tremendous wealth for herself.


She is the founder of the TV program Voice of Eve and got her inspiration from the success of Kith and Kin, an NTA programme for core family values. Voice of Eve is a programme for women to discuss national issues, their challenges in life and their achievements. Looking at womanhood from all perspective.

She is also the Global Youth Matron of African Women In Leadership Organisation. She has pastored in Redeemed Christian Church of God before her retirement. She has a great passion for the poor having walked down that road in her early childhood and is the convener of the young women Innovators club ( YWIC). She has the aim of taking 10,000 girls off the street. Her dogged determination has kept her going all these years in advocating for the empowerment of women. She is not just talking but also working towards it. The YWIC, her pet project is a living prove of that work. With the right sponsorship she shall cover all the higher institutions in Nigeria to instil the virtues of commitment to hard work. decency, entrepreneurship to young ladies out there. She is an easy going woman always wearing a bright smile which lights up her environment.

Voice of Eve airs every Monday night by 9pm (Nigerian time) on Lagos TV and Channel 256 on DSTV.

Written By Flora Martins

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  1. She’s a great inspiration to our generation. God bless you and continue to reward all your efforts towards making young women useful to themselves and to their society.

  2. She is a woman of excellence and built around her with positive attitude.A great woman that we never had in politics or astute manager, a disciplinarian,full with vigour.we love u mummy.

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