Distant relationships can be very boring, and also fun filled at the same time. It subjects you to more imagination and less actualization. You cannot see your partner whenever you want to, but you know you have a lover somewhere. It’s just like a sweet sorrow, feeling his/her absence most times and loving his/her presence occasionally. But,  you can make it a better experience with these tips.

1) Always Express Yourself Over The Phone: Spend a lot of time over the phone with your partner. If possible talk with him/her at least twice a day. Know what he/she is doing, and provide support or solution. Note: don’t be nosy, apply caution and understanding.

2) Talk About Weird Stuffs or Experiences: Don’t talk about regular things, it makes the conversation boring, and the distance obvious. To fill that vacuum, talk about weird stuffs or even imaginations. For example, ask your partner to describe how he/she would ask you out, if you guys were dogs or ape. For real? Oh yes, it’s out of the regular, and an indelible moment that glues the relationship.

3) Send Love Messages At Odd Hours: For instance, you know your partner has a harried schedule at work, or has a presentation or exam. Send him/her a love message during that period, it makes your partner feel more loved, and a hand full of relaxation kicks in.

4) Play The Mind Game Occasionally: It works most especially for the females. Intentionally make your partner to wrong you, and then he/she will only be forgiven in person. Making him/her eager to come see you.

5) Argue Reasonably With Your Partner: Argument has a way of playing with our subconsciousness, it stores memory of the person and the argument in the brain. Hence, releasing them when we least expect. That’s why sometimes people just sit idle, and after a short while laughter begins. Note: don’t argue unreasonably, because that could stare up anger and ruin moods.

Written By: Lawrence Michaels

By Lawrence Micheals

An incurable optimist, a writer, poet, a technopreneur in the making, a resource personnel, an event planner who is technically gifted and clinical when it matters.

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