Donatella Versace

Let’s face it here.  Donatella is a far cry from the beauty she once was.  The fashion mogul was once a natural beauty and she’s let the knife get in the way of her natural looks.  She’s currently Vice-President of the Versace Group, as well as chief designer. She owns 20% of the entire stock market assets of Versace.  So one thing she’ll never have to worry about is money.  We just wish a large portion of that money weren’t spent on plastic surgery which very well may be.  Oh well.

jennifer grey

Jennifer Grey

We all know Jennifer Grey from Dirty Dancing.  And then out of nowhere she wound up getting a nose job.  Many people were up in arms about this because no one thought she needed it.  It wasn’t a bad surgery but the nose job made her completely unrecognizable to people who were used to the Dirty Dancing “baby” look.  Perhaps Grey had enough of the stereotype.  She managed to do an amazing job on Dancing with the Stars and America still thinks she’s a cutie.  Just not Francis Houseman cutie.


michael jackson

Michael Jackson

We’d like to keep this one as brief as possible.  Clearly Michael Jackson is one of the biggest on this list.  He had gone through countless surgeries in his career.  So much so that his face became something of a phenomenon.  He even poked fun at himself in a Men in Black movie by playing an alien.   The King of Pop was clearly also the king of getting his face altered.  Still though, he was one amazing talent in the music industry.  We’ll miss him.


Victoria Beckham Plastic Surgery

Victoria Beckham

She definitely doesn’t look like her days as a Spice Girl anymore.  At least her latest surgery was one of removal.  Beckham was tired of having too much fake skin on her body.  But there’s no doubt that it’s not just her body that’s had work done.  It’s her face as well.  She’s clearly under a lot of pressure to maintain her looks given her status as a fashion icon.  We just don’t think she really needed to do that much at all.  Then again, it’s not our business, right?


vivica_fox plastic surgery

Vivica A. Fox

Why did Fox ever get surgery in the first place?  She’s absolutely gorgeous.  This is one we really can’t figure out.   But lately Fox just doesn’t look the same as she used to.  We’re pretty sure she’s had multiple surgeries and none really seemed to have improve her.  She’s still pretty and has a nice figure but we’re wondering how much of that is real and how much of it was paid for.

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