There’s absolutely no reason why you cannot look gorgeous in skirt. Yea! Maybe you do not feel comfortable in shorts or pants or you are tired of the regular casual wears such as jeans and tops or a short cute dress. Good news is  there are lovely skirts that you can add to your clothes collection.

Ok, if you are daring, I suggest you try this on. Heads will turn 360degrees just to keep staring at you. And if you are conservative try a more decent top on the long flowing yellow skirt like the one below.

You still look gorgeous and flawless. The long flowing skirt works on a short top be it a revealing short top or a bottle neck short top.

And if you feel like having men stare at your long beautiful legs, I suggest you go for this revolutionary skirt. More appropriately worn on a  crop up top and if you don’t feel decent about the crop up tops, try a short top which fits and yet reveals nothing of your bosom.

And for more decency, go for a tight fitted knee length skirt which covers your thighs, yet leaves you looking sexy on a heeled sandals.

And skirts have been reinvented to look more appealing to the eyes, to seek attention from the crowd, try out a blue swaying skirt at mid length.

And the long flowing skirts with lining  still makes  fashion sense when combined properly. It reminds us of the 1900s. * wink*

So, gone are the days when skirt makes you look drab, it is perhaps becoming more suitable for the fashion inclined ladies. So if you don’t have lots or any casual skirt in your wardrobe, be inspired to try one of these.

All Images from Pinterest.

Written by Flora Martins

By floramichaels

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